Who We Are

Sweetbriar will not be operational for the 2018-2019 school year.  We are prayerfully assessing God’s plan for our future.

Mission Statement

At Sweetbriar, our mission is to provide an age appropriate pre-school experience within a safe and secure environment. We focus upon educating the whole child, with attention to development in all areas of growth: social, emotional, physical, creative, intellectual, and spiritual.

At Sweetbriar, our mission is to cherish childhood, not hurry it along. Thus, while organized group activities and guided lessons that promote intellectual growth are integral parts of our program, free play is equally valued as an essential part of the young child’s learning experience. Each child is encouraged to learn, explore, play, and grow toward his full potential.

At Sweetbriar, our mission is to offer children a foundation in Christian ideals as a fundamental aspect of our pre-school program. Children are encouraged to appreciate the world around them; to accept cultural differences in others; to handle life’s little frustrations in peaceful ways; to develop kindness, courtesy, and empathy toward their classmates; and to see how the choices they make affect themselves and others.

At Sweetbriar, our mission is to partner together with parents as we nurture each young child and build a sound educational foundation for the child’s future, as we recognize that parents are the child’s first teacher.

Statement of Philosophy

Sweetbriar Preschool believes that:

  • Children are individuals with different interests, abilities and needs.
  • Children benefit from developmentally appropriate activities that allow for creative exploration, play and interaction with peers and adults.
  • Children need opportunities to explore their faith and develop a set of values that enables them to make positive choices as they mature and become independent, confident and empathetic members of their community.

Children thrive in a nurturing family environment and therefore, we will strive to encourage parental involvement and partnership in our educational program.

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