Special Services

Many of the observances of the Church year are marked by a special worship service. Several of these are held at a time other than Sunday morning.

IMG_1014Advent, which is the start of the church year, is celebrated with an afternoon of decorating the church called ‘Hanging of the Greens’, followed by a prepared meal and a short worship service of carols and readings.

An evening service of worship and Holy Communion is held on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

The beginning of Lent is observed with a worship service on the evening of Ash Wednesday. Ashes are distributed to those who desire them.

Christ’s last supper with his disciples, arrest, suffering and death are remembered with a solemn worship service of prayer and communion on Maundy Thursday.

The Sunday morning Palm Sunday, Easter and Pentecost celebration worship services are made more festive by the addition of special music, decorations and pageantry.


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