Our Pastor is Nicole Vogel.

Nicole Vogel was raised in the woods. To reach her family’s home required traveling a narrow
driveway through a 17 ½ acre forested area to the house, a converted hunting cabin. She loved
being outdoors and, early on, knew that this wonderfully beautiful creation was surely a gift from
God. To help care for Nicole and her three siblings, her grandparents bought a mobile home and
located it on her parents’ land.
Coming from a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, Nicole’s grandmother taught her to cook (using
lots of sugar, cheese, and butter) beginning when Nicole was about five years old. Nicole still
gets teased about her taste for cottage cheese and apple butter. She also learned Pennsylvania
Dutch colloquialisms. Sometimes you will catch her using the “Dutchie” way of phrasing, which
can seem the backwards way of saying things.
In some sense Nicole’s call to ministry began as a child. In first grade Sunday school she wrote
that she wanted to be a nurse missionary. As a teen, she wanted to be a teacher. She taught
Sunday school and planned to earn a teaching certificate in college. She applied to Moravian
College and was accepted.
Nicole graduated from Moravian in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She
became a member of a Presbyterian church and led the youth group. At the time, she felt a strong
tug urging her to go to seminary to gain better skills, but she ignored it. For three years Nicole
worked as an Intensive Care Manager for mental health patients in Northampton and Lehigh
Counties. For a year she took care of an elderly uncle, and then was hired as a social worker to
look after the psycho-social needs of elderly patients in a nursing home. Then God stepped in.
After her first brain surgery in 2008, Nicole was out of a job. She again felt being led into
ministry, but made an excuse to God, saying that she had to deal with the cancer. Finally, after
surviving a second brain surgery in 2011, Nicole recognized she had been given the miracle of
continuing to survive a terminal disease. She listened to God saying, “No more excuses,” and
took the leap of faith to apply to seminary.
Nicole’s guide became Philippians 4:13: “I can do anything through Him who strengthens me.”
She was accepted at Moravian College Seminary in 2014 and graduated with a Master of
Divinity degree in December 2018, having completed all requirements for ordination. Nicole
maintained a 4.0 Grade Point Average and received several scholarships for academic
excellence. Her highest honor was being selected by the faculty to receive the Dean Scholarship,
given each year to only one returning student. For two years while in seminary, Nicole served as
student minister to the East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church, where she excelled.
In January 2018, the congregation of East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church called Nicole Vogel
to be its permanent pastor. She was ordained and installed by Lehigh Presbytery on March 17,

Pastor Nicki, as she prefers to be called, is thankful that she continues to be a cancer survivor.
She believes God calls us to relationships within the church and within the community. She
loves working with all age groups and genders, and is creating new opportunities for members to
connect with others both inside and outside of the church.
Pastor Nicki and her husband Christopher, a CPA at Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital,
have been married 14 years. They have two children, Kylee, age 11, and Gavin, age 8. To learn
more about Nicole Vogel visit her portfolio website

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