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Sunday Worship Schedule

9:00 AM – Adult Studies (during the school year)
9:00 AM – Choir
10:00 AM – Worship
11:00 AM – Congregational Coffee Fellowship.  Occassional Adult Educational Opportunities.

What to Expect

  • When you arrive at East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church, you will enter a space filled with people greeting and chatting.
  • At the Sanctuary door the Greeters will welcome you and hand you a bulletin to guide you through the service, which usually lasts an hour.
  • Once inside the Sanctuary you will see the Choir sitting in the first two rows next to the grand piano and congregants, dressed in anything from’ jeans and sneakers’ to ‘suits and ties’, gathering in the pews. Please sit wherever you feel most comfortable.
  • Just prior to the start of the service, the Pastor will ask for and share announcements.
  • You will find blue Prayer Request cards and folded Visitor cards in the pew racks. These may be filled out and put in the offering plate as you have need.
  • Be sure to greet the Pastor after worship and sign the guest book if you didn’t place a Visitor card in the offering plate.

You will leave knowing East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church is where you belong!
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New Here?

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