Who We Are

Statement of Mission…

With the grace of God, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the transforming love of Jesus Christ, we, the congregation of East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church, have a shared mission to serve humbly as the voice and hands of God in our church family, in our community and in our world.

Vision Statement…

With GOD’S amazing grace and the Holy Spirit present with us, we, the congregation of the East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church, are becoming a transformed people by GOD’S love through Jesus Christ.

We are called to bear witness to GOD’S love in our words and actions. We strive to welcome, recognize and seek out all as children of GOD. We are inspired through the Word and song. We joyfully praise GOD.

We commit our hearts, time and varied talents to our church’s mission. We strive to share and to give thanks for our bountiful gifts. We seek to reflect GOD’S love by first loving ourselves as GOD loves us, thus enabling us to love all others.

We strive to be humble servants of GOD. Through GOD’s presence in our lives we have a shared purpose for discipleship. Through continual service, we seek to become the voice and hands of GOD in our community and in our world.

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